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Originally Posted by Supergrover View Post
QFT As both posters said it sounds like memory, do you know the limit on your ram yet? I find the limit of my ram first ( or cpu first it doesn't matter ) drop the multi, throw 2.7v @ least ( I had mine @2.95v for years but whatever ) run stock timings or loosen them abit. I wouldn't go 3-3-3-8 yet but drop to 2.5 if your inclined. so start raising the FSB 1:1 5mhz @ a time if it boots to dows, run super pi, if it passes raise the FSB again. if it fails to boot or fails super pi then give it 2.8v if that fails loosen timings, once your @ the limit of your ram then you do the same thing with you cpu, raise the multi and drop to your lowest divider.
Now your ready to overclock, it rarely works perfect , @ least for me, now you know the "range" of what your hardware can do, now start fiddling to get the best clocks out of both cpu/ram, this isn't something that happens overnight. And thats the best part of overclocking, the little tweaks, the mass of notes on different settings scattered amongst my desk
Not quite understanding.

So should I drop my CPU multi down from 10x to 9x?

Leave my mem divider @ 1:1?

So I'm increasing my memory MHz 5 at a time or the FSB 5 MHz at a time?

Up my voltage on the memory to 2.7 and should I leave my ram settings on auto?

So far on auto they show at 2-3-2-5

Here is what i've done so far it's been a mess.

I tried loosing the timings to 2.5-3-3-7 and left my mem div @ 1:1. I had my FSB to 208, wouldn't boot, drop it back down to 205 still wouldn't boot. Put everything back to auto for the memory and dropped the FSB back to 200 it booted.
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