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Originally Posted by Nademon View Post
Really looking forward to these results! I'm really interested in the GPU results as I've had great success with IC7 when I push it really hard...and the GPU will get the job done!

I'm suggesting to everyone not to post results until they have most or all of them so your post won't get missed by people that go straight to the newest post. If you reserve your post early on, chances are it will get overlooked by the time you come back and fill in the data.

And keep in mind everyone that there may be a learning curve or adjustment period for people that have never used a paste with this consistency. Once you get used to it, application becomes pretty routine and that's when you get great results (this is from my own personal experience...I've used it so much at this point I always tend to get a great mount with IC7)

Keep on keepin on!!
Ya i dont think ive done the greatest job applying it, ive only even applied any thermal paste twice before lol, and it was pretty runny compared to this. Maybe they should send me a massive tube of it for practice :D
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