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Default security camera computer

my friend's dad wants me to build a low budget computer for him so it would my first time to build a security camera (and that would be great experience for me because i alway want to build one for my home in soon future)

what i have [parts from 2004];
ati video card... probably xt2xxxx
samsung 120 gb
500 watts powersupply (i dont remember)

i would like to know amd is good enough (cheaper than intel) and can handle 8 security cameras... i dont have to build it as the powerful computer like my computer >_>;

security camera parts;
pelco spectra III se SD35CB PG E1 << pei card
pelco kjbd300a << controller
pansonic wv-cw374

i also am told that he wants new program to install...

so can you please give me some advices about building a security camera computer?

thanks in advance...
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