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Originally Posted by Nademon View Post
I also used it on a Vendetta2 with a E3110 but i seemed to have gotten a larger change in temps. Did you try wetting the underside of the Vendetta2 first to fill in the small gaps in between the heatsinks? I did it that way and I can't remember the exact figures, but I know I got more than an 8C difference under load. The E3110 is was OC'd to 4Ghz with a bit over 1.4v.

And slntdth93, those are some great results!! that seems in line with what I got with a Vendetta2.

Also, besides regular support/discussion posts, I think it would be best if everyone make a results post when they actually have results. Usually people just go to the newest posts so if you're reserving a post for later results, they may not get seen by everyone once the thread has tonnes more pages.
I actually did lol, but didnt plan on it. I had to reapply it so i just sort of pushed it all into the cracks, im sure i could have done a better job if i was planning on doing that in the first place. And also my cpu only has a very slight oc atm, 3.25ghz vs 3ghz. Never thought to get some 3.6ghz temps before i removed the old stuff :(
Ill do some digging around in my old posts on some forums to see if i can get the temps i had under max oc with the old stuff and compare it, it wont be a direct comparison because conditions would have been different but it should give people a vague idea of how well this stuff performs under higher loads.
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