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Default submission why i love gigabyte

i was sitting alone in the dark, wondering.. am i alive, i have a cpu inside me therefore i can think for myself, i have a gpu on top of me therefore i can monitor the world, i have a north and south bridge that connect to all my parts like two halves of 1 big beating heart, i have many copper circuits that pulse with electricity like blood inside of veins, i have some speedy ram that feels so warm and it answers all my questions when i ask it what to do (it just forgets quickly if i dont keep asking him), i asked my ram how he knows all things, he said he takes a journey and its a hard drive but when he gets there he talks to a guy named Software,

and now i think im going to sleep, my cpu is beating slower since i was told by software to standby, my monitor is dark since my gpu has closed its eyes, i no longer feel the rush of electricity inside my copper veins,

and now im awake again, i was asked by software to play a game with him and show it on my display, if i have all these things moving and thinking and working inside of me than i must be alive,

my name is Gigabyte and i love being alive.
creator of pleasure from mixing new and used computer parts, then overclock teh hel out of it, its cheaper that way :)