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the main point to a vpn extra-lan is that you can play multiple games with a group of people just lik at a lan and you can host or switch to any other game at any time. a vent server will get you talking. NO WHERE NEAR as much fun as a lan but a good alternative to as aposed to conventional single dedicated server box.

One thing Im wanted to try was setting up a simple VPN with Caplan, Ctoan and a lan some where else ion vancouver. CapLAN has a full 100 up / 100 down connection to the internet right in to he main fiber line through the university, Ctoan has a similay type of connection. with that there is more then enough room to manage a vpn main point and then tunnel to any other lan in BC, Alberta, washingtom of origon. If we can get someone in eastern canada with a good university grade uplink then we can patch them in to. in short i would love to do a mass cross canada + northen us lan. getting 1000+ people on one network would be something to brag about. BUT lag is a big factor so the closer the connetion is to the fiber in the area the better. vancouver fiber to ottowa fiber is 20-30ms depending how many times you switch from any of the 8 fiber systems.
Lower MainLAN is our large scale annual lanparty
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Anime Evolution LAN 2 is a popular Add on to The annual anime con Anime Evolution. This year there will be over 7000 people at the new Vancouver convention center.
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CapLAN is the longest running lanparty in Vancouver. Its a frequent casual lan hosted at Capilano University.
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