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It depends what you're going to be using the card for. The only real place that the 4550 has an advantage with is with picture in picture (PiP). With some of the new blu-ray titles coming out you can have a little box in the corner of the screen with a different video. Normally this is used for the director's commentary or something equally silly. If you think that you are going to take advantage of that then you should probably buy the 4550. If you don't use PiP then I would recommend the 4530.

Reading the wikipedia page on PiP I notice that it says that most new blu-ray titles use Standard Definition video for the extra content. So it seems that the 4550 would be a bit overkill even if you used PiP. Because if there is only one HD stream (the actual movie) the 4350 would decode that and then your processor can easily handle the secondary SD stream.
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