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well there is a cheat with hamatchi. to link 2 16 person networks you get someone with two pc's, himatchi can see basic bridged nic and stop the two instances from linking up. but with the two pc each with a copy of himatchi on a lan both networks can see eachother so long as your nic's and himatchi are bridged. you will need a solid internet connection to support the traffic but it can be done. you can also have multiple people provide the bridge set ups but after you link 4 networks you create too much linking traffic and you loose to any slots to the linking process to make it worth while. BUT its good for getting an ~30 persont extra-lan game going. we may test a vpn extension to the next caplan for a few people, but as we would rather have you at the lan it will be an extra $10 for being lazy.
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