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Default Ati cards

So I just yanked my 7800gt and threw in a Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 512MB Ultimate Edition Passive Cooling PCI-E w/ HDTV-Out, HDMI.

I gotta say i couldn't be happier... the Haup 150mce tv tuner looks better than ever. Video play back looks better and more importantly it's one less fan so the system is heaps quieter and should fair better during the summer months.

One thing i gotta say for certain is... the TV options alone destroy anything Nvidia has to offer. I honestly forgot how good ATI cards look on the big screen. Anyone who has a HTPC knows that some cards don't fill the screen correctly ATI has the options a guy needs to sort this stuff out.

For example

Nvidia 7800gt at 720p overscans the desktop a bit... half hiding some of the icons along the left side... however during movie playback its perfect. On the other hand if I scale the desktop to fit right... I end up with black around the movie screen on all sides.

ATI on the other hand... does 720 and didn't quite fill the screen on desktop and of course that filters through to media center... heres the catch. ATI offers overscanning in small increments so adjusting it is simple as pie.

The HDMI and 7.1 pass through is great if you use a reciever etc.. gives you more options for running sound and video in the end including a true HDMI port on the card itself so no more dvi to hdmi extras or cabling if you choose. The options are honestly endless I wouldn't touch half of them however... some people may need these options to tweak things perfectly for them.

And the best part... it can FOLD!!:)

Anyway just thought i'd share... not bad for a $120 CND passively cooled card.

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