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They're up on the NCIX site right now for 99.95CDN. SKU# is 25711.

In response to jdrom17 though: It's not that I don't want to or can't review it. I can review it all night and all day, but the problem is that any performance results I generate are meaningless because as soon as you change more than one variable, you cannot compare results.

I'd be changing 4 variable: tubing size, tubing length, pump type, CPU block.

Sure I could come up with great performance numbers, or lousy performance numbers, but they would not mean anything because you can't compare it to the other blocks we have in our charts.

What it would come down to would be me telling you that it's an excellent performer (which Gabe has assured me it is. I have never been steered wrong by him), and it's very convenient. Just from a picture of it, you can tell it's convenient.

personally I don't think it's going to make a dramatic difference in how easy it is to water cool the Nine Hundred though, because the challenge in that case is not the pump, it's the radiator...
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