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My System Specs


Locking up, crashing, or restarting when loading or using Windows is an obvious sign of memory limitation.

Loosen up your memory timings. I would recommend to simply dock them back to your BIOS' "AUTO", or loosen them manually to something like 3-3-3-6 or 3-3-3-7. You can also reduce your HyperTransport link down to 800MHz or less, then set the Bus:RAM divider to 5:3 or 4:3.

If that boots stably, raise the memory voltage to 2.8v (you can keep it at 2.8v 24/7 for all speeds for the Platinum editions). Finally, you can proceed to increase the system bus.

Your Venice should be able to pull 215MHz at stock 1.4v Vcore. 1.4750v Vcore is the highest I recommend going, which is good for about 235MHz+ system bus; 1.5v for 260MHz and beyond! My San Diego and your Venice are identical processors, bar L2 cache and maybe HTT link. The San Diego is a bit sensitive to heat, pretty much giving in at 50 centigrade.

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