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Default First A64 OC Attempt only 2070Mhz???

Well I decided to start my A64 OC. Here is what I did.

First went into the BIOS and set the the mem timing from auto to stock settings, saved and rebooted, ran good.

Next went in upped the FSB to 210 and set the memory divider to 1/02 saved rebooted and go to Windows logon screen and rebooted itselfs, so then I went back into the BIOS set the FSB to 205, loaded into Windows, ran Super PI worked. Then upped the FSB to 207, booted into Windows ran Super PI worked. Upped the FSB to 208, got to Windows login screen crashed. went back in set the FSB to 207, set the mem divider to 9/10, loaded into Windows ran Super PI worked, that is where I am currnetly at.

Any ideas on why it wouldn't go to 208?

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