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Originally Posted by Toronto122 View Post
Wow, you've got a Mozart!! SWEET...I used to have one about a year was just a bit too big for lan parties though! LOL

The cooler looks's it work in that case? What are your temps like?
not bad
I have a pig of an i7 920 that needs 1.5Vcore and 1.5VTT to get 4.2Ghz stable
so with those insane voltages I now see a max of 78c when running P95 for about an hour or so (was a couple degrees higher before I remounted with MX2)

but at stock speeds and voltages I only see up to about 55C (an hour into P95)
so stock voltages and speeds this cooler is amazing.

Having to run very high Voltages with an i7 is crazy hot, and I think it is doing a good job at 78c full load. I still say nothing can produce heat like an i7. (I tried 4.2Ghz with HT enabled and it hit 90c in a hurry so I just stopped running P95 after a few minutes, 1.55v Vcore)

all in all I am happy, as I had a borrowed True 120 before the V10 and it was about 5c hotter under full load with 2 fans in Push/Pull config
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