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Originally Posted by NightRain View Post
The X-Fi chipset runs flawlessly in Vista with this card and drivers, driver updates have been frequent and the card acutally blows away my old Audigy.
Two out of three right in this sentence.

If you look up "complete lack of respect for client base" in the dictionary, you'll see Creative's logo there. Just visit the Creative Forums to see how they still haven't resolved two-year-old bugs. The drivers DO NOT run flawlessly and their driver "updates" are once every handful of months. Mine? The bass drops out randomly, maybe one a month or two. Why? Who knows. If I fiddle in the settings, or do a driver clean and reinstall, eventually I get my sub back.

It may look frequent, but that because there is so much bloatware surrounding the drivers, and each of those things get updated once every handful of months randomly, that it looks like a good stream of updates.

I haven't bought Creative anything in at least two years. There are plenty of better options.
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