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Well I up'ed the FSB and the voltage like you said. I first tried 3.6GHz @ 1.55v, it booted but BSOD's in prime after a short amount of time. Also, the temps were at 65c. Seeing that the temp and voltage were both at the limits you said I decided to back of from 3.6GHz (For now anyways). I brought the CPU back down to 3.5GHz but again that decided to BSOD in prime at like 20-30mins. Again I changed the FSB to 3.4GHz and set the voltage back to 1.5v even and now I've been running Prime for 2 hours stable. I will leave it overnight and see what happens. Also, if this 3.4 is rock solid what should I set my RAM too, should I link it or keep it unlinked? and also if linked what divider should I use??
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