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Well I tried the stock voltages with 3.0GHz. Couldn't get it stable. Also, I could boot into windows at 3.6GHz but my voltages were at 1.5v and it wasn't stable. I read on some forums that the Pencil mod helps out stability but now I can't even POST past 3.1GHz. I dunno if I damaged my MOBO by doing the mod but as it stands I am at 3.1Ghz CPU core with linked RAM at ~1120MHz and it's prime stable. More details are below:


CPU(Q6600) - 3.1GHz @ 1380 FSB
RAM(OCZ Reaper PC8500) - Linked to FSB @ 1105MHz
Timings are 5-5-5-15-2T


CPU - 1.46v(Bios) 1.42(Windows)
RAM - 2.2v
CPU FSB - 1.4v
NB - 1.5v

All the necessaries are also disabled in bios

So anyone have any suggestions/comments on this?
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