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What it all boils down to is that those of us with 30-inch panels, and who game, aren't impressed, so noone is going to have that "God-Like" panel to recommend...there just isn't anything "God-Like" when you get choppy/slow visuals. We aren't about to give you a recommendation that will leave you unhappy; that's not what we are about here.

I'd recommend that if you are truly set on a 30-inch panel, buy the LG one you listed. It has all the same features as my Dell, but better colour...can't go wrong there. The price is fairly decent...just be aware that there will be issues in certain games. Not a big deal as long as you go into this knowing what's what.

I can say that I will never ever sell my Dell 30-inch...surfing with two webpages open...only works well @ 2560x1600...
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