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My System Specs


Agreed, I'm presently running a Dell 30" with my single GTX280, and it's a little borderline on some newer games. And by the time you've dropped the IQ settings to ensure smooth framerates, you're giving up the quality that the higher resolution gives you, and you may as well just go down to a 27" monitor or a 1080p television that only has half as many pixels to process. I'm going to do a big side-by-side comparison sometime soon, but I'm beginning to suspect that being able to run higher IQ levels is actually making my 32" television look a little better than my 30" monitor.
Yeah I agree with MpG...guys boasting of running games at 2560 x 1600 with everything "cranked" on a single 280 / 285 are certainly not playing at what I consider "smooth n playable" framerates...go ahead and try and convince me, but you won't....I saw N7 posted Benchmarks as well as a million other Benchmarks at this Res and I'm afraid when I start dipping down into the 20's - 30's its time time to replace GPU's. I certainly enjoy having all the eye candy "cranked" and am not into having to "tweak" settings to make something run smoother with high end GPU's under the hood.
I'd stick to a large TV mentioned above, not only cheaper but Framerates will be great.

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