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Originally Posted by -n7- View Post
I don't understand the nonsense about needing a $1000 video card setup to power things on there.
A big part of it, for me, is because I play alot of console games as well as PC games...

So, I have my PS2 and Wii hooked up to a 30-inch sony tube TV. Graphics are crisp, and smooth, and for my eyes, attaining the same visual acuity on pc games requires more than 60FPS as a minimum. To do so @ 2560x1600, requires alot of grunt...a single frame can easily consume 150-200mb...consider 3 buffered frames...and that's almost 500MB right there...nevermind all the shader/texture data.

With all that data, there's a ton of texture fetches needed...and only high-end cards come close to having the TF ability to meet the demands of 60FPS @ 2560x1600...and no single card on the market today, even dual-gpu cards, has the required ability to pull that off.

"Nothing but the best, won't settle for less"...means that that 60FPS is REQUIRED for me, and I won't settle for anything but...which means I'm quite unhappy with my Dell 30-inch...not because of the monitor itself, but more becuase of the system required to push it.

No, you don't need alot of cpu for 2560x1600; 3.6-3.8ghz is perfectly fine(note that bus speed plays a large role here); but to move 500mbx20(for 60FPS) is having to move 20GB of data a second...and that's just rendered frames. This is why the 4870x2 can exceed the GTX280/GTX285 @ 2560x1600...that 115GB of GDDR5 bandwidth pays off.

So, while you may not understand the requirements I boast of, for 2560x1600, there is hard math that goes to prove my point, nevermind the many benchmarks that also confirm it.

But yes, as you say, turning down details can get some extra performance, but that's only because the lower-resolution textures leave more gpu vram bandwidth available....and even then, it's sometimes not enough....I am one of those guys that sees games as a form of art, and like any art, I'd like to experience it as the artists intended...full resolution textures and all. Nothing but the best...unfortunately I'm still awaiting "the best", for my needs.

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