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It's IPS, so it automatically gets a thumbs up from me.

No scaler, so no input lag issues.

Response time (actual, not artificial rated ms) is never an issue for those panels, so it'll be good for gaming as well as whatever else you have in mind.

I don't understand the nonsense about needing a $1000 video card setup to power things on there.

I've run my 30" Dell with an X1900 XT, 8800 GTX, & now GTX 280 quite fine.

Sure, for some of the more demanding games out there, i might have to turn down a setting or two, or for crap-running stuff like Crysis you can always drop a resolution lower & run 1:1 pixel mapped if you cannot stand to lower game IQ.

It'll be well worth it.

Oh, & here's the link to benches i did of games on my 30" with a 8800 GTX/GTX 260/280.
GTX 280 vs. GTX 260 vs. 8800 GTX review
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