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Default My first official OC'ing attempt


Well today I finally got to put my MSI P6N Diamond MOBO to rest...finally. I could not get a stable OC more than 200MHz over stock on my Q6600 which was very . I seen a sale on the EVGA 750i MOBO at NCIX last week so I decided to get it along with some OCZ Reaper DDR2 RAM. Today it finally arrived!...after a very impatient installation I finally boot it for the first time. I immediately went into the BIOS, changed this and that and BOOM, 3.0 GHZ in 10 secs!. Not a bad trade-off from my 680i MOBO thats for sure.

I didn't think it would be stable at all but to my amazement it has been running priime for over 2 hours now with no hitch. That makes me very happy!

A screenie:

What do you guys think of my temps, are they average?. I know I probably could of applied the TIM better but how many degrees would that net me?. Also, would you guys suggest lapping the CPU or the HS(TRUE BLACK 120)? Any suggestions would be nice as I would like to push it further!

My Rig:

Gigabyte 890GX / AMD Phenom II x6 1055 / Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB / EVGA GTX470 SC+ / Stock Cooling (Yet) / Corsair TX850 / Corsair Nova 128GB SSD / Antec 902/ Windows 7 PRO 64 bit/ 24" Acer LED Monitor
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