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My System Specs


(from my Ubuntu crib sheet)

system->administration->shared folders

The first time you go down this path you will be prompted to download and install sharing software ... since my main rig is wxp, i leave samba selected and deselect nfs.
Once it downloads and install samba then you can continue ( no reboot necessary)

add your home folder and deselect 'read only' checkbox so you can copy to this from another machine - leave read only if you prefer since it is good enuf for fahmon.
I also select general properties and change the domainname to 'WORKGROUP' since this is my default domain on my WXP rigs. If you use WXP home then i expect the default MSHOME is good for you.

now open a terminal window: applications->accessories->terminal
in the terminal window type : 'sudo smbpasswd -a [username]' and then you will have to enter your password once for the sudo override to authenticate you, and then twice more for the smbpasswd command.

You should now be able to share files with all your other rigs. For convenience i use the same userid and password on all my wxp and linux installs.
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