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Default Core Temp Sensor issues

I've been monitoring my system for the past few weeks after successfully geting a stable Overclock (my first!) on my Q9400 and P5Q (intel chipset, 45). I'm running two case fans and a vendetta 2 CPU cooler. Under full load, temperatures stay below 50, which is good for me. I used Prime95, FOLDING@home and SETI@home. Prime ran without errors for 36 hours and I have SETI going overnight, everynight, at 100% CPU with no problems.

I recently installed RealTemp. I was first using CPUID Hardware Monitor and noticed that the Core#3 was always at 37, unless under load and it went up to 48 (max). I am a bit suspicious about this as it never goes bellow 37 even though the other 3 cores are in the upper 20s when idle.

So I decided to do a sensor test using Real Temp. The problem is that it crashes Prime95 in the cooldown phase - every time.

Any ideas what this could be? Should I look into this core#3 sensor? Doesn't seem normal to stay at 37 while the other three fluctuate. Is there such a thing as a damaged sensor?

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