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For cases, the Antec Minuet seems to be a cheap, stylish choice for HTPC builds, and (I think, don't quote me on this) is compatible with MiniITX setups. As well, do the HTPC's really need those big of hard drives? I mean, if my main rig can run on a 160GB main drive (storage is on a secondary drive), I'm reasonably sure your HTPCs--which will be pulling files over the network)--will do fine.

As far as the server goes, If I were you I'd go full ATX, as bigger boards usually feature more SATA ports. In fact, the board I'm using has six SATAII ports on it (the ASUS P5Q-SE) and one IDE. I figure the server won't really need SATA-fast speeds for the OS/App drive; so you can get away with using the IDE port for one OS/App drive, and one Optical drive; while you conserve the six SATAII ports for your 1TB HDDs.

Alternatively, you could have two hard drives on the IDE--one for the OS, and a second for Apps. have a USB optical drive for installing software.

As well, since your server isn't going to be hi-tec, I don't think you really need a gamer case for the server. I think Antec has some other solutions you could try out, but the trouble would be finding one that has eight 3.5" expansion bays. After a bit of momentary research, it seems you could go with the "CoolerMaster ATCS840 Full Tower no PS Bk." It has six 3.5" bays (internal) and one external; and I'm sure you could find a 5.25 to 3.5 converter to turn one or two of the six 5.25 bays into extra HDD bays as well. The case I mentioned is full tower, and it looks quite beastly.

Though you didn't list one, I would suggest using a dedicated graphics card rather than onboard RAM; if even an X700 or something equally as cheap, as to free up the bit of RAM the board would need to share with the onboard graphics controller.

Is there even any LGA775 boards that have IGP slots still? lol! I remember those on my old AMD 300MHz junkheap!

And the processor... kind of overkill. Since all the machine will be doing is fileserving, the processor is actually quite low on the priority list (at least for household uses). You could even probably get away with using an E1400 Celeron, lol. (My server that I'm building won't even be a 775 board, it'll be P4)

Anyone else feel free to correct me on anything I might've made a mistake on, but I'm fairly certain with my suggestions. :)
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