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the ppd on the 6400 will vary a lot depending on the smp wu's it gets. It was as low as ~1300 ppd running at 3.2 on a cache needy wu (2608/09), up to ~2200 ppd on a 2604/05 wu's. Same clocks with 4mb cache will go from 1800-2200. I am going from memory here and a little browsing of my fahmon benchmarks logs.

An ideal old stock cpu would be a E6600, and a 6400 would be a lot better than a 21x0 because of the larger cache.
If you can swing it any 4mb cache c2d is gonna be best.

2gb is safest for memory size and doesn't cost a lot more that 1 gb these days.

I have read pk5-vm is pretty good ... i am about to build a g33m-ds2r which is gigabyte's ~ equivalent matx. Based on some recent builds and oc's i did on a p5k vanilla and a p35-ds3r, the ds3r wins for energy. They both achieved about the same oc folding but the ds3r consumed ~25W less and oc'ed the same quad using .1V less. The power delta should be lower on a dual core.

From what i have read, no vid card is required even when oc'ing the g33 mobos. But these aren't the cheapest oc'ing mobo's - and the p5k-vm is $20-30 less than the g33m-ds2r. A good cheap oc'ing mobo alternative would be a 965 based mobo like a p5b or gigabyte s3... only needs an 8MB pci video card ~ $10.

ubuntu 7.04 has a livecd that will run all the ones mentioned. I would save all the lost production and hassles tho by using a cheap small hdd. 5-10gb ide should work fine.

Most of my oc'ed quads run on ocz 420 powerstream or enermax 465 just fine. I often use a 520 powerstream on the bench when oc'ing them but i never see a diifference with a 420 powerstream or 465 in production. the 420 is a tank tho - 28A on the single 12v rail. ocz gave me a gamestream 600 as an rma replacement for one.

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