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i have the 1.1 on slave drive, so delete the Alchemy Dir, download latest and place that were i deleted .. also i thought the one off Creative whould be coded for the creative xfi cards. also if this is that easy Why did Auzen not just update there drivers to lateset

only probelm with mic (vista64) is that it will not stay Ticked on +20db boost after reboot ..(started after R7 drivers) if you tick the box then swap from game to entertainment back to game it stays ticked even after reboot .. i get the odd Darlek sound but if i reboot this disappears... i use the mic via skype, and ingame works fine then ..

yea the win7 drivers they did a offical statement on that ,,,

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Originally Posted by Varroa View Post
To make it work for the prelude you have to delete the alchemy folder from the prelude install and replace it with the new alchemy folder from Creative. This involves a complete re-install of the Prelude drivers. There is no way of installing new alchemy versions on the Prelude without doing this. On Windows 7 I have the latest version of Alchemy running on my prelude and it works great (everything except for the 64bit mic issue). My prelude works 100% in XP x86 but in Windows 7 x64 the mic doesn't work.
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