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Default My LCD monitor has gone black/won't come out of standby

Parts of this thread are a repost from a different thread of mine , I felt it would be a good idea to put this in the troubleshooting section with a proper title so people can find it a little easier.


Problem / symptoms :

LCD monitor goes black randomly , or will not come out of 'standby' mode .
- Cycling the power on the monitor can get it back on....
- Sometimes , switching the input cable from digital to analog works as well.
- Noise from monitor when black.

Here's my case :

I run a pair of Viewsonic VX922 LCD displays , via an 8800GTX and a 9600GT.
I allow windows to place the monitors into standby mode after 30 mins idle.On my monitors , the power light is either green (on) or orange (standby).

Recently , one of my monitors started having this problem ; it would go into standby , then later when it needed to come out of standby , it would fail.....the power light would start flashing green and I would have to cycle the power to get it to work again.


Potential causes :

Unfortunately , this problem has several possible causes from hardware to software , and it doesnt always present itself the same way.
-There is a 'black screen' bug known to exist with certain Nvidia cards/drivers.
-Bios/OS standby control conflicts can cause this.
-Hardware failure on the LCD , specifically ; Blown capacitors on the LCD's Power supply.

I spent a fair bit of time researching this problem , it was only by persistance that I stumbled across another vx922 user who had the same issue , and had discovered the capacitor problems.

I decided to take my monitor apart and check.In my case , this was in fact the problem :


The solution :

Replace the blown capacitors.
--I have replaced those 2 capacitors , the monitor is as good as new.


Here's the deal :
Apparently , the capacitors used in some LCD's are just barely within spec , so they run @ 100% all the time , this can cause failures.

I replaced the two 10v capacitors with 16v ones , this should prevent it from happening again.

I've seen this exact problem with several different brands of LCD's , I think there are even a couple other people here with this problem......I'll be linking this thread in those posts.

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