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My System Specs


Hello there.

I'm pretty new to this forum, and the first thing I did upon signing up was post a build of mine, with a major question about it.

Some helpful people have since pointed me to this thread.

My build involves a current EVGA X58 board, and I still need to know: does the V-10 even fit on that board at all?

EVGA put some very large heatsinks in some places that could prove very bad for the V-10's size. I could do some math, I know, but I wouldn't trust my answers. I want to know about it from the guys who reviewed it, who held it in their hands.

Hah, it's the one thing I hate most about trying to buy something through the internet. You can't touch anything that you're trying to buy.
If it ain't rocket powered, it ain't worth it.
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