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Post First OC attempt,any suggestions or opinions?

After weeks of research I finally put together a rig that I could OC. So after using it for about a week to see if it was alright, I finally took my first crack at OCing it last night to see what it's all about. I've got an E6750 which runs stock at 2.66GHz so I tried a very mild OC to 2.9GHz last night, just to see what its all about. The BIOS on the evga 680i is pretty friendly, even for a first timer. It's been Orthos stable now for 8 hours, pretty good as far as I'm concerned. I went to bed last night praying this machine would still be on in the morning! The only thing I'm worried about is the temperatures, because I don't know how reliable these reading in TAT and speedfan are. I was reading a few articles that mentioned thigs like offsets and Tcase and Tjunction but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. On the screens you can see my temperatures, and they certainly aren't high by any means (if they're accurate that is). So I'm gonna see If I can't get up to 3.2 GHz today and sync with my ram to run at its spec 800MHz. Right now its unlinked. I know that ~600MHz isn't a big deal, but for my first time It seems like a lot to me! So thanks for any input!

8 Hours load:

Intel C2D E6750 @ 3.52 GHz // EVGA 680i SLI Rev. A1 (P31) // 4 GB OCZ Platinum 800 MHz 4-4-4-15 // PC P&C Silencer 750 Quad // Antec P180 // EVGA 8800 GTS 512 // Samsung Syncmaster 226bw 22" LCD

WC Loop: D-Tek Fuzion V2 // Danger Den Maze 5 // Swiftech MCP655 // Swiftech MicroRes // Thermochill PA 120.2 + 4 x Noctua NF-P12
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