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My System Specs


I haven't really noticed any disadvantages on LCD as far as colour goes and I made the switch straight from CRT. And I really think calling these monitors absolute crap really isn't fair when you're clearly using your own set of standards and we're discussing the best choice of monitor for someone else, and trying to reach a compromise taking the advantages and disadvantages of LCD types in mind. Aure, TNs won't satisfy someone with a sharp eye on colour as much as a CRT but geokilla's friend isn't image editing or anything as a primary focus, and the difference is negligible when we're talking gaming and general use.

Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
What about that Samsung that's on sale at Canada Computers? Seems to be a pretty good deal if you ask me.

I myself have a old Sharp 17" and it's better than my sister's Acer 17". Even when I play FPS games, I don't see or feel anything bad like ghosting and stuff.
Any chance you can see these things in-store someplace? That'd really be best but if you can't, I'd support going for the Samsung. I just pitched in my Acer experience for perspective. If nothing else, you can have your buddy draw names out of a hat
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