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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
Like anything you have to know what to look for. A $200 Acer from BB is not the bar to be setting for LCD quality. ;)

An LCD will never be as smooth as a CRT but they can have exceptional colour and offer other advantages as well.
lol well the problem is that most LCDs sold in stores or online are TN panel based, and as you know TN panel is not synonm of exceptional quality..... it's very hard when you're used to smooth TRUE 24bit colors on CRT and move to 6bit colors...... AND if you are lucky and get a decent non TN panel, you'll get bigger color gamuts, 8bit, but at the cost of 5x to 8x higher latency.........this is one reason I cannot stand LCD, I have yet to see a decent one for games - considering a lot of newer games use HDR and other effects, that are not possible with I am not sold on LCD, and the 2 models of Dell or Acer recommended are absolute crap I've seen them on display at a local store - LCD companies are dishonest and misleading with their BIg dynamic contrast ratings, it is poorly implamented - I myself am looking for a decent LCD for gaming, and yet to find one that offers no ghosting while offering the full color gamut and not some visible banding on color gradations......guess I am asking too much for LCD, but I am shocked that in 2009 LCDs have not improved that much....I can't wait for OLED :)
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