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Nice Rig thier Banjo, however, definitely change up that PSU and go straight to a Corsair HX 1kW for that set-up!!
Stick to a TRUE Push / Pull config...its proven.
Bear in mind, 4Ghz is not guarenteed.....
Having had a Raptor drive and change it out for a 640 Black in a heartbeat...noisy as hell and no noticeable gains...the only difference I see is how "quiet" the 640 Black is!

Thats some good advise right there, with what you have listed already and what RJ just pointed out you would have one hell of a good computer that should last you quite a while. I thought when I bought my E7400 that 4ghz was garenteed because I saw so many people hitting over 4ghz in reviews, in reality 3.8ghz was the limit I could get within decent voltages =( so dont plan for 4ghz and then be pissed when you dont get it, plan for a 3.6-3.8 for 24/7 and be very happy if you get more =)
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