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Originally Posted by llama_egg View Post
Honestly, I'm wanting to say troll, I really do. He keeps pushing the thread off topic and tries to make an argument out of everything, not to mention he seems to only care about Crysis, which has basically become a meme (albeit a bad one) of it's own. Thread should be locked, but that's just my two cents.

But, in keeping with the spirit of the Canuck, on topic. Only water cooling the CPU, no Blu-ray drive, and not to mention only a i7 920. Not quite as extreme as you make it out to be.

Anywho, I do stand by everyone stay quad cards is really a waste, the performance gain is just not worth it, and I doubt you'll ever see the extra cards used anytime soon. Honestly speaking, I would rather take the money from even two of those cards and watercool the full system, allowing you much more room to OC and get better performance out of it.
im wanting to say troll too. you no whats funny is if i posted this rig with a i7 965 i would have had people making fun of me because im wasting money on it yet i dont and im geting flamed because i diddnt.