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Long time lurker here, but I have to say, very nicely done review. It's beyond me why there aren't more formal comparisons like this, especially with all the arguing that goes on.

Not necessary, IMO, but the fact that you're redoing the tests is impressive in its own right. I've always been under the impression that temp delta's tended to be quite linear (i.e. A temperature change in the fluid is almost directly reflected in the component being cooled). It'll be interesting to see if the temperature improvements with the TC rad are directly proportional across the board.

Incidentally, looking at Koolance's website and their data, it looks as though their earlier 300/305 series CPU blocks actually have a better C/W at any given flow rate than the 330. They're also considerably more restrictive, but its probably nothing that a MCP655 couldn't overcome. Which might actually make the 330 a step backwards in a high performance loop?

Also, looking at the 330, there sure is a lot of space for the water to flow through. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd say the path of least resistance for the water flow would be well above the pins, where it couldn't do as much good. Not sure how that would work in practice, though.
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