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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
or....turn off your PC before you go to bed.
I am not a fan of:
1. Power saving features
2. Hybernation
3. Screen Savers

All of my PC's in the past have had nothing but issues when "waking" from Hybernation. I haven't even attempted and won't bother to run these modes with my new Rigs...
Same here I do none of that either
only have the display monitor go off after 10 minutes wiggling the mouse brings it right back up.

If the system is on.

Oh I do have the cpu throtle down on C1E setting

I have a P5Q motherboard and it great so far.

No issues to date yet.

I personally wouldn't spend hundreds on a heavily depreciable product like these computers.

Buying an expensive motherbooard is pretty much a waste now on 775 stuff anyways In my opinion 'cause new stuff churning out.
Even ddr2 will go kaput in a bit.
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