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My System Specs


I own 3 Raptors.
2 300GB models (newest ones too) , and 1 100GB older version (without the Fancy Heatsink module).
They are Loud, only my AeroCool's can drown them out in Noise Production.
In all honesty, they are no longer worth the money.
The platter size and Density of the new blacks coupled with a 32meg Cache on them makes that setup in RAID out perform a Raptor.
Its a name, and an Image , no longer a Benchmarking HD personally.

I like the CNPS9900, so I'll say sure on that, but for handling the Heat of a i7 , probably not the best option out there really.
A TRUE with a PAir of Noctua's or S-Flex's would make that HSF show its flaws.

Whatever else you want to do is up to you,
Just for Future reference too, we do have a Format (stickied at the top of this Forum) for how we like New builds to be displayed so that way we can get a better idea of exactally what you are looking for your Build to do.

My thoughts at least,

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