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First off in no way did I spam you, I gave my opinion on your build which is what this forum is for. yes I can open office in roughly 1-2 seconds I have my most important files short stroked to the first 2 partitions of my drive and I get great performance out of my single hard drive. Next, how do you figure that a raptor drive is no louder then a normal 320gb or 640gb drive? The speed of the spindles alone should tell you it is, ive heard both and the raptor is undoubtably louder then its counterparts. I agree with you on the extreme processors they arent worth it in my mind, although the unlocked multi is nice its not worth $1000 more then the reference chip, but it does sport the extreme name, and when I seen your build I thought to myself he must be going I7 965! so thats why I listed it. 2x GTX295s would be sweet and is certainly extreme but deffinetly overkill =D anyways all the power to you sanjo.

EDIT: Oops the spam thing wasnt aimed at me >.< lol