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My System Specs



Relax. This reply from Cmetaphor is no reason to Report a Post. Take this with a grain of Salt, will you?

If you create a thread, be ready to accept others' comments. Here are mine.

There's nothing Extreme about your rig. No, I am not jealous.

Velociraptors are not worth the investment and are definitely louder than any other drive. Dual 640s in Raid 0 will handle the boot load quite well. Dual GTX295s, well unless you Fold are overkill. The OCZs are designed for wc'ing. The Zalman 9900 is overhyped, there are much better HSFs out there. The TRUE with duals 120s in push-pull config. can handle a 920 at 4.0 - I know, I did that 1 month ago.
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