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1. ... it was not meant to be offensive in any way and I'm sorry it if was. Besides that fact your Crysis comment could also be considered "spammish" if this weren't your thread already, but anyways...

2. 2x GTX295 would only fully be used by maybe a 30'' LCD panel or by someone like me that uses 3x Widescreen monitors for gaming (more overall pixels than a 30''). For the size of your screen, two might offer a 5-10% performance gain... perhaps closer to the 10% size will lots of AA/AF enabled, but not much more.

3. I believe he was referring to direct hard drive access speeds, aka opening a file/folder, not opening a program.

4. The speed at which programs open on a 10k drive may be noticable to some, and not to others, it's up to you to decide what you really want - we're just here to offer our insight and/or experience. In my experience, having used both 10k rpm drives, 7.2k rpm drives and Raid arrays.... the Raid will always win, hands down, versus any single 10k/7.2k rpm drive. So for storage, my vote would be for 2x WD Blacks in Raid 0 with an extra for storage/backups.
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