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Originally Posted by Realityshift View Post
1 GTX295 will play crysis just fine at the rez, and I agree about the 10k drives, their far to loud and not much faster then the blacks and are just stupid priced. If your moving a ton of LARGE data at once then ya maybe itll make a difference, but 5 seconds off load times? are you nuts? If your load times are 5 secs to begin with on a 7.2k hard drive you have other problems, ive never had to wait more then half a second to maybe a second to load anything on my 640 black. and likes its been mentioned extreme is SSDs, Extreme branded CPUs, Watercooling or above, and some 2ghz ram. what you have here is just a run of the mill I7 build =P Extreme air cooling = Coolermaster V10!. And you do realize that the OCZ flex moduals are for watercooling systems right?
you dont have to water cool them... why in the hell would you water cool ram...