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Originally Posted by Mibs View Post
Ok so I just got my E6750 and it is my first Core 2. I want to start seeing what it can do but I can't do so until I know for sure which temperatures to be monitoring. I have a good air cooling setup in the Antec P180 with a Scythe Miné on the cpu. Most programs like Speedfan, Coretemp, TAT, are all reading the same for the core temperatures. Right now at idle they are hovering at 8 and 12 (Celcius), depending on ambient. But then in Speedfan there is another reading for CPU and it is 25. Coretemp is showing a tjunction of 85 but I know that is a bug. These temperatures seem pretty good to me. So which ones should I be looking at? I know this has been beaten to death but I didn't expect to run into this after all the reading I did beforehand. Thanks.
coretemp is your best one. coretemp and cpu temp are two different temps.
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