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My System Specs


DRAM Voltage Control - 2.60v
Been awhile since I had my ocz, is yours the v.1 o rv.2? by your volts I would say v.1.
My ocz v.2 loved the volts. but anyways like sswilson said drop your ram to stock settings, I dont like "auto" i enter them manually, then drop your cpu volts to stock shoot for say 2250 so 250fsb. use a memory divider to set your ram @ 200, multi @ 9. 2250 should be well within your range for stock volts, if for some reason it isn't enough volts, it should be fine maybe a error @5-6 hours of prime but you should be able to boot and work in windows, but you can always give it another little goose in volts.

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