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Default Need help with DVD ripping / Video encoding!

I basically have too many bloody DVDs lying around.
(couple hundred, some missing boxes/cases)

I have a NAS and I want to backup all the DVDs into the NAS
in .avi or .mpeg format so it would be easily accessible
(instead of the large .vob format)

Thus I know I have to rip / encode them.

Problem is, I don't know the first thing about ripping/encoding.

Good ol' google has led me to various free software that
could help me, but I have having a major problem setting up
the properties of input and output...

For example, how do I decide output/input Bitrate, frame rate,
whether I'm going to use MMX, SSE, FPU, etc. to process it,
whether I'm going to use Bilinear, Bicubic, TAP, MMX, SSE, etc.
Deinterlacing, DCT/iDC, multipass (1 pass, 2nd pass, etc.)........


Ultimately what I want to do is, encode/rip a ~4GB DVD
(with its crazy .vob files) into a 1.0~1.5GB .avi movie file
as backup; and for everyday use, on my NAS.
From what I've googled, 1.0~1.5GBs seemed enough for
very high quality video.

A walkthrough/brief education would be appreciated.
Nonetheless, if you just tell me what settings I should
utilize to get the maximum quality of video out of the DVD
into a 1.0~1.5GB .avi file; it would be Awesome.

Thank you for your time.
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