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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CasheKicker View Post
Well if you really do not want red LED it would be a simple snip of the leads that provide power to the LED lights. Or , I kinda like the red LED, we could always swap fans. LOL,

This case is very well laid out. I swear I could fit my 4 yr old inside and close the side panel. Ok not quite but I think you get the idea. Cable mangement will be a breeze. A welcom change from the mess I have in my Antec 900. Love the case but a horrible case when tring to neat things up, Rig # 2 will inherit the Antec. Going to have fun preping for the rebuild. I really like that I wont have to remove the Mobo to remove my TRUE-X 120 and test the thermal paste.

Gigidy Gigidy!
Lol look at my feelings exactly and my plan is to move to rig #2 in my sig.

Might have to take you up on that offer on the fans lol (kidding, don't know if I can be without that big fan for a few weeks due to shipping...if you were nearby then I would do it in a sec)
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