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Awhile ago we had an issue with Logitec headphones

'Phones with were bought a month before on special by daughter but she had lost receipt and local store wouldn't exchange it.

The Logical Support support wanted pictures of it and numbers

ALL the usual road blocks to providing a replacement set

After all that, which I did provide, they wanted me to ship it back at my cost(yeah the value of the product and then some)to the US

No Way. Good money after bad.

I had said I would ship it within Canada.

Finally they agreed to send 'phones here....that was months ago..never saw a thing ever.

As far as I am concerned Logitec can shove them up their +++ (keyster)

Last two input devices have NOT been Logitec

If thats the way they want to play....I just go buy a competitors stuff

Even most recently with Asus P5B motherboard.
Sure they'll send you an RMA for it.
No problem RMA number through e mail BUT by the time you ship it down to the Staes
that costs you about\at least $20 bucks Canadian.
Asus suggest Fed Ex.
Then you wait and you never know whats coming back plus its an old board nowadays anyway.
Nothing wrong with old but
They have an RMA facility right in GTA Area but that would be to easy to issue RMA to there for Canadian customers
Motherboard RMA's have States code.
Thats one of the reasons I won't personally spend anymore than I have to for computer stuff.
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