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Default Can not boot or enter BIOS

This time, it's my sister's computer I am having trouble with. The computer has recently sat unused since the last time I did any troubleshooting with it, so, I'm not sure what may have happened to cause it to cease working.

Anyhow, as far as I can tell without being at the computer to open it up again, I believe the motherboard is an ASRock K8Upgrade-760GX. 768MB of RAM - I am pretty sure the RAM is not the problem after swapping sticks back and forth. I believe the processor is a Sempron 3000 - once again, I don't really think the processor is likely the problem. I have tried POSTing using both the old GeForce card that was installed, and the onboard video, both have the same problem.

Anyhow - the computer will get as far prompting you to press F2 to enter the setup menu or F11 to enter the boot menu, but will not respond to either - it just sits at that screen idling. However, if you press either F2 or F11 before the BIOS reaches that point, it will report that it is entering the corresponding menu - but once again, sit and idle.

My best guess is the BIOS is corrupted, and thus the old board has essentially given up the ghost... anyone else have any insights?

Thanks in advance,
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