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Default Lenovo slim DVD-ROM IDE adapter trouble

Hi guys!

I'm working on a sff mini-itx based system, and I picked up a used Lenovo slim laptop DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive (model # UJDA775), with the hope of using it for the build. I knew I would need some sort of adapter, so I picked up one of these:

Laptop/Notebook Slim DVD / CD to IDE Adapter , mini ITX - ( item 260359432899 end time 10-Mar-09 15:51:48 EDT)

(see picture 1)

Unfortunately, it arrived, and I find that it doesn't fit! I'm sure the problem is bound to be PEBKAC related, but I'm hoping it doesn't amount to the DVD drive having some unique interface that basically means I'm hooped.

I'm adding two pictures to this, one of the adapter I bought, and one of the actual connector on the back of the DVD drive I have. Any advice for my completely clueless self would be appreciated.

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