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My System Specs

Default Here comes the noob (I bet you're used to it now)

Well, got my loop set up and running, only to find that my EK Supreme was leaking at the barbs (from under, not where the tubing is). The one thing that's messing with me is that the barbs I have had no o-ring, and when trying the smallest one I had from another fitting, it sat on top of the block with a large amount of the o-ring exposed.
Obviously this is a PEBCAK issue, maybe someone could help me with this, that seems to be the only issue it my loop. I have a feeling I need some different kind of barbs than I currently possess.
And to sum it up: :help:

Basically what I've got is:
DDCPX Pro<MCR220(I believe)<EK Supreme Acetal<Swifty NB Block (something30, too tired and fed up to go look)<MCRes V2, all inside an HAF.
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