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I think the hard part is stocking the short life cycle products, like full coverage blocks for specific gpus, etc. Plus us modders like to switch brands all the time... what was hot at the end of last year is an embarrassment to own this year. The stock goes bad quickly and the market is very niche. All you need is one good store with everything in stock like NCIX, to supply the whole country.

Maybe if there was some form of pre-order program. A few times per year they could hold a pre-order period, and everyone pays deposits (or full price) on the stuff they want. That way they can order the right quantity of the right parts, and reduce the amount of stale inventory. It would also help establish which products are in high demand and which are not so much.

So, we'd have to sacrifice a bit of selection, maybe we'd have to choose 1 radiator company for everyone (last year would have been TC, this year Feser, etc), and stop carrying all the low quality stuff.
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