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My System Specs


At the current time, I'd get a Xbox 360. I actually have one already, so maybe I'm biased...

X360 just seems to have a lot more games that are good. Sure, online play costs money, but I believe it also performs a lot better. At least XBOX Live vs PS2 was like that. I don't play online myself though, so I couldn't care much about comparing that.

Either console though, you should at least have a HDTV with 720p. On a normal standard TV, it just doesn't look as amazing. Didn't look much better than plain old XBOX to me. Once we got our 40" Sony 1080p LCD TV, then XBOX360 just looked amazing.

There's apparently a X360 price drop coming soon of $50 USD.

The only thing I believe PS3 has going for it is the Blu-Ray drive. But then again, if Blu-Ray looses the format war, then the console becomes pretty worthless as a movie playback device. For games, X360 probably has a ton more exclusive titles than PS3 does.

But yeah, PC FTW! I just use the X360 every now and then for those few games that aren't on PC that I want to play such as the soon to be GTA IV and Gears of War.

Oh, one more thing, I love the X360 controller. Actually have one for my PC too. I just prefer the design/layout of it over the PS3.
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